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The EREDE philosophy is grounded in the principles of uncompromising quality, ethical production, enduring design, and reverence for beauty. From the refined glamour of the art-deco era to the tough elegance of modernist architecture, our inspiration is drawn from a diversity of historical periods and design disciplines with one thing in common: a distinct aesthetic point of view that transcends appearance and defies trends.

Designed with wearability and longevity at the forefront of mind, each EREDE piece is meticulously made using only the most enduring and ethical materials: certified 18k recycled gold, platinum and cultured diamond.

Crafted by hand in New York, our focus is always on maintaining the highest standards of quality while preserving an ethical supply chain.

A cherished EREDE piece will stand the test of time and age gracefully, intended to be worn and loved across generations.


Discover a realm where ethical craftsmanship, timeless charm, and responsible luxury converge at EREDE Curated. We embrace the allure of vintage jewelry, carrying with it a rich narrative that speaks of nostalgia, authenticity, and enduring beauty.

Our carefully curated selection honors the stories of the past while embodying our commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

EREDE Curated is a world where elegance meets conscience – where the timeless beauty of vintage jewelry is reimagined for a new generation of environmentally and socially aware luxury connoisseurs.